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In general, Japan’s expressways are toll roads. The following gives an overview of Japan’s expressway network, how to pay the tolls, and related matters.

Expressway toll / route search

Search for routes and tolls by selecting an interchange via inputting it directly, by road name or address, etc. You will also be notified of the time required to cover the route and other useful information for the drive.

Japan’s Expressway Network

A map of Japan’s expressway network.

How to Pay the Expressway Toll

You need to pay a toll in order to drive on an expressway. This section explains how to pay the expressway toll.

How to Use ETC

This section explains how to use the ETC wireless automatic payment system.

Realtime Traffic Information
(Drive Traffic)

This site provides the realtime traffic information. It shows you estimated traffic jams and current regulations on the maps.

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