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Never Drive in the Wrong Direction

Driving in the wrong direction can lead to a tragic accident that involves other innocent people.
Never drive in the wrong direction.

Expressways are one-way

Check the direction of traffic indicated on road signs and on the road surface.
If you accidentally head off in the wrong destination or go past your destination, continue driving and exit at the next interchange.
Do not make a U-turn on the main road or near a tollgate.

If you see a car going in the wrong direction

Notify a tollgate attendant, use the nearest SA or PA emergency telephone, or have a passenger dial road emergency 9910.

We provide information alerts about cars going in the wrong direction.

Information signs and highway radio immediately broadcast the information.
If you see or hear information about a wrong-way driver, slow down, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and drive in the left-most lane.
If you see a driver going the wrong way in front of you, stop on the shoulder or a similarly safe place to avoid a collision.

  • *Wrong-way drivers almost always tend to drive in the passing lane.

When driving in the wrong direction is most likely to occur

Driving in the wrong direction is more likely to occur under certain conditions. Understand these conditions in advance and make every effort to drive safely.

Near interchanges

Information signs and highway radio provide information immediately.

Near tollgates

Center median Drives into the exit-only lane from the tollgate Tollgate

Near service and parking areas

Service area (parking area) “Entry Not Permitted” signs are posted to warn drivers going in the opposite direction Follow the directional arrows for safe driving

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