• Personal Information Protection

Personal Information Protection

E-NEXCO Drive Plaza DoRaPuRa Personal information protection policy

Article 1 About this policy

This policy defines the guidelines for the handling of personal information acquired through the services (for more information on the services, please see Using E-NEXCO Drive Plaza DoRaPuRa) provided by E-NEXCO Drive Plaza DoRaPuRa (hereafter, “this website”), which is operated by East Nippon Expressway Company Limited (hereafter, “NEXCO East”). Detailed stipulations regarding the handling of personal information are given in the individual service guidelines, in accordance with this policy. For more information on the NEXCO East’s fundamental policy regarding personal information protection, please see our corporate website.

Article 2 Acquisition of personal information

The following personal information is acquired when a user uses the services of this website. The types of information listed below are merely examples, and may not be classed as personal information depending on the content of the information. As the content of the information acquired differs according to the service, please also refer to the individual service guidelines regarding the information acquired for each service.

Information registered by the user

  • Various information registered on the website by the user, such as full name (including furigana), address, telephone number (including mobile phone number and fax number), email address (computer and mobile phone email address, etc.), nickname, date of birth, sex, and credit card information
  • Information provided by the user for services offered by this website and the prescribed procedures of NEXCO East, regardless of the service

Information provided through use of services

  • Various information which is acquired by NEXCO East when the user uses the services, and which is related to information that can be used to identify the user, such as records of product purchases

Information which is acquired when a user visits the website

  • Information regarding the IP address or equipment identifiers used when a user’s computer connects to the internet
  • Information regarding the type and version information of browser a user is using, as well as the pages viewed by a user, dates and times of access, and the products displayed or searched
  • Any other information that is acquired or stored when a user uses this website, such as access information acquired through cookies and web beacons

Article 3 Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information that is acquired from a user through this website is used for the following purposes. For more information on purpose of use, please also refer to the provisions laid out in the individual service guidelines.

Smooth provision of the services of this website

  • For verifying the identity of the user when they log in or are logged in and automatically displaying their member’s information on each screen, when the user is registered as a member of the website
  • Any other items aimed at improving the convenience of using the website for the user

Advertising or marketing by NEXCO East

  • Sending direct mail (includes e-mails) and other forms of information provision from NEXCO East
  • Providing advertising for the user to view that is suited to the personal attributes of the user
  • Developing new services and improvements to existing services
  • Surveys

Response to user inquiries

  • Responding to inquiries from users regarding this website, using email and other formats


  • Content that is stipulated in the individual service guidelines

Article 4 Management of personal information

This website conducts the necessary measures to ensure the appropriate management of personal information, such as measures to prevent leakage, loss, damage, or unauthorized access. For more information, please see the provisions laid out in the individual service guidelines.
Some of the advertisements displayed on this website are distributed at our request by the companies listed below. When visiting the pages displayed by the advertisements distributed by the companies below, the companies below also acquire cookies. The cookies collected in this case are not provided or disclosed to NEXCO East, but are managed according to the privacy guidelines specified by the companies below.

cyber communications inc.

Article 5. Outsourcing that involves the handling of personal information

In the event that our company provides personal information to an administrative firm to enable that contractor to perform necessary work, our company will select contractors who are recognized to properly handle personal information. In the outsourcing contract with that contractor, our company will set the terms regarding personal information management, confidentiality, and the prohibition of distribution of information that are necessary to prevent leaks of customer information, and conduct proper supervision.

Article 6. Personal information purpose-of-use notifications, disclosures, revisions, and suspension of use

If a customer contacts our company or a representative to request purpose-of-use notification, disclosure, revision, or suspension of use regarding their personal information, our company will respond, as per the relevant law and regulations, within a reasonable time period and to a reasonable extent.
In addition, our company will respond appropriately and promptly to customer inquiries regarding personal information.

Article 7. Information security policy

For more information on information security initiatives pertaining to “DoRaPuRa E-NEXCO Drive Plaza,” refer to our company’s Core Philosophy on Information Security.
NEXCO East corporate site (Core Philosophy on Information Security)

Article 8 Contact for inquiries

Please contact the support desk below for any inquiries regarding the handling of personal information. Furthermore, NEXCO East will respond to requests for the disclosure, modification, or addition of personal information or requests for ceasing the use of or deleting personal information, after NEXCO East’s prescribed procedures to verify the identity of the individual have been successfully completed.

For inquiries, contact:

Drive Plaza Head Office (New Business Development Department, Business Development Division, East Nippon Expressway Company Limited)
Address: MOMENTO SHIODOME 6F, Higashi-Shinbashi 2-3-17, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0021


  • Inquiries and requests made on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and during the New Year and Golden Week holidays will be answered on the next business day.

Article 9. Internet security

We use SSL (*Secure Socket Layer: The industry standard for encrypting information for transmission over the internet) technology to ensure the security of customers’ personal information when transmitted by them to our company. Customers must use an SSL-compatible browser to automatically encrypt their personal information for transmission. Moreover, our company has multiple checks and firewalls in place to prevent unauthorized access by external parties. Further, there are restrictions on the parties who are permitted access to personal information.

Article 10. Use of cookie data by third parties

Cookie data ("Cookies") on customers visiting this site may be used by third parties.
Cookies acquired by a third parties is handled in accordance with the privacy policy of that third party.
Customers can stop the usage of their cookie data by third parties for advertising purposes by accessing the “opt-out page” on the third party's website.

Refer to the output page below:

Advertising policy and terms - Google
Deactivating behavioral targeting advertising from Yahoo! JAPAN


Our company will conduct revisions of this policy as appropriate to make improvements to it. If revisions are made to this policy, customers will be notified of the changes on this website.

Enacted October 31, 2006
Revised November 10, 2006
Revised October 1, 2007
Revised January 5, 2010
Revised July 29, 2014

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