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Service Area

A service area is an expressway rest facility, and typically has more facilities than a parking area. These may include a snack corner, gift shop, gas station, parking spaces, and toilets.

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Parking Area

A parking area is an expressway rest facility. Typically, it is smaller than a service area. All parking areas have parking spaces and toilets. Some parking areas have a snack corner and gift shop. There are also parking areas with restaurants and gas stations.

Joban Expressway Moriya Service Area (inbound)

Tohoku Expressway Sugo Parking Area (outbound)


In East Japan there are Wi-Fi spots that anyone can use free of charge.
Free Wi-Fi spots are marked with a sticker at the service area entrance.


Please use the link below to access information on how to use the service, to register for the service, and for answers to frequently asked questions.


Unique facilities and gourmet food

Mini theme park service areas

The Tohoku Expressway Hanyu Onihei Edodokoro parking (inbound) area is an impressive mini theme park that allows you to travel back in time and enjoy the authentic ambience of the Edo Period.

Onihei Edo Dokoro (PDF)

Local delicacies

Inspired by the idea of serving local specialties to visitors, East Japan service and parking area food menus feature famous local dishes.
*Items may not be available, may change in price, or may change in content without notice.

  • Japanese Scallops Set Meal

    Fried two-year old scallops harvested from a local volcanic bay! These firmly textured scallops with a distinctive sweet flavor are especially popular among the elderly and a favorite of many repeat customers. [Hokkaido Expwy - Usuzan SA (inbound)]

  • Inka-No-Mezame Potatoes

    Inka-no-mezame potatoes rarely seen even in the potato growing region of Hokkaido served as bite-sized, easy-to-eat fried potatoes. The yellow fruit has a delightful chestnut-like sweetness and a warm, soft texture. [Hokkaido Expwy - Wattsu PA (outbound)]

  • Hinai-Jidori Chicken and Egg Bowl

    A rice bowl prepared with the eggs and meat of Hinai-jidori chicken, one of the three big Japanese chicken breeds, and topped with a special sauce. [Akita Expwy - Nishisenboku SA (inbound)]

  • Kozuyu Soba

    Kozuyu is a samurai dish of the late Edo Period that became a favorite of the common people associated with Aizu, where it originated. A rich and delicious bounty of sea and mountain ingredients is served together with soba in a clear, lightly flavored broth. [Ban-Etsu Expwy - Bandaisan SA (inbound)]

  • Kirifuri Kogen Beef Kushiyaki

    Kushiyaki prepared with the famous JA Zen-Noh Tochigi Kirifuri Kogen Beef brand. Kirifuri Kogen Beef is raised on special feed at designated farms. The beef is seasoned with salt and pepper to complement the flavor of the beef. [Tohoku Expwy - Nasukogen SA (outbound)]

  • Fisherman’s Dish – Elegant Horse Mackerel Bowl

    This delicious horse mackerel is famous for its fatty texture yet smooth flavor. This horse mackerel bowl is prepared with a generous portion of fresh fish shipped directly from the fishing ports of Chiba Prefecture. Many customers come here just for this rare delicacy. Depending on the season, the fish may originate from a different area. [Tateyama Expwy - Ichihara SA (outbound)]

  • Koshinokogane Pork Cutlets Bowl

    This pork bowl is prepared with Koshinokogane pork, which is raised on a special diet. A bowl of Niigata’s unique deluxe pork cutlets served piping hot and with a homemade sweet-and-sour sauce just right for pork. This is a dish that you have to try! [Hokuriku Expwy - Kurosaki PA (outbound)]

  • Yoneyama-style Sea Bream Chazuke

    A dashi soup flavored with sea bream bones.
    [Hokuriku Expwy - Yoneyama SA (outbound)]

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