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E-NEXCO Drive Plaza DoRaPuRa (https://www.driveplaza.com; hereafter, “this website”) is operated by East Nippon Expressway Company Limited (hereafter, “NEXCO East”). It provides useful information for driving trips, with a main focus on information about expressways.
Using E-NEXCO Drive Plaza DoRaPuRa (hereafter, “these terms of use”) defines necessary points to take into consideration when using any service offered by this website. These services include: Expressway Tolls/Route search, Traffic Congestion and Restrictions, Service Areas, Drive Plaza Shopping, Drive Plaza travel etc. (hereafter collectively referred to as "the services").
By using this website you are consenting to these terms of use. Moreover, these terms of use may be changed without prior notice, so please check the terms of use each time you use this website. Furthermore, there are also individual guidelines regarding the use of each service. Please see each service for these individual guidelines. Each of the individual service guidelines are part of these terms of use, and all guidelines together make up these terms of use.

About this website

Article 1 Services provided

This website offers a number of services focused on expressways, including various information, booking, tourist information, and shopping services. Various services may be added, changed, or deleted in the future. NEXCO East permits the user to use this website within the limits of these terms of use. However, please note that there is no guarantee regarding the content of these services or the reliable provision of these services. For details of these services, please refer to the individual guidelines for each service.

Disclaimers and prohibited items for this website

Article 2 Disclaimers

While NEXCO East takes the utmost care when publishing information on this website, there is no guarantee that the information provided is accurate, up-to-date, or of use to the user. NEXCO East will not be held liable for any inaccuracies in the information published, or for any trouble which arises during the use of this website. Similarly, NEXCO East takes no responsibility for any damage arising from changes to information or the suspension or removal of this website, regardless of the reason. Please note that information and other items published on this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Furthermore, there are disclaimers based on each service in the individual service guidelines, so please always check the relevant guidelines when using a service.

Article 3 Prohibited items

When using this website, users are prohibited from engaging in the actions defined in the points below. If any violation of these terms is committed, or, if NEXCO East determines that such a violation has been committed, the user in question will have their use restricted and may be refused use in the future.
Moreover, the user is responsible for the information they provide through the services of this website, and NEXCO East will not be held liable on behalf of the user under any circumstances. If NEXCO East suffers damage due to a violation of these terms by a user, the user will be responsible for compensating NEXCO East for that damage. Furthermore, there are prohibited items based on each service in the individual service guidelines, so please always check the relevant guidelines when using a service.

  • Providing slanderous or defamatory content, content contrary to public order and morals, indecent content, content regarding the privacy of a third party, any other content that causes discomfort to a third party
  • Providing content regarding politics, religion, or ideology
  • Providing content that infringes upon the copyrights of a third party (includes photographs and images)
  • Actions that are contrary to legal regulations
  • Actions that are contrary to the individual service guidelines
  • Any other action defined by NEXCO East as prohibited

Article 4 Copyright

The contents provided on this website are essentially the copyright of NEXCO East. However, some of the work may be produced by independent contractors, in which case the copyright may belong to third parties other than NEXCO East.
The contents of this website may be used for personal use, such as downloading, saving contents as data on a personal computer, or printing. However, it is forbidden to reproduce the contents on another website or in a printed format or to use them for commercial purposes. It is also forbidden to use the contents in any way that is outside of the scope of the Japanese Copyright Act without the permission of the copyright holder.
Furthermore, there are copyright regulations based on each service in the individual service guidelines, so please always check the relevant guidelines when using a service.

About personal information

Article 5 Handling of personal information

NEXCO East handles personal information in accordance with the personal protection guidelines specified by NEXCO East and this website. Furthermore, there are personal information handling regulations based on each service in the individual service guidelines, so please always check the relevant guidelines when using a service.


Article 6 Paid advertising

This website contains a variety of advertisements in each service. Any transactions conducted with the advertiser running an advertisement are the responsibility of the user and the relevant advertiser. As the parties concerned, the user and the advertiser take responsibility for all payments of costs, such as payments for goods, and decisions, guarantees, and liability regarding contract conditions.
NEXCO East will not be held liable for any damages arising from these advertisements, regardless of the cause.

Article 7 Agreed jurisdiction

If a matter cannot be solved through negotiation, it will be submitted to Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court as the exclusive court of jurisdiction of first instance.

Article 8 Applicable laws

These terms of use are subject to the laws of Japan, and are to be interpreted in accordance with the laws and regulations of Japan.

Enacted October 31, 2006

Revised July 29, 2014

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