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Parking Lot
Large: 7 vehicles / Small: 10 vehicles (capacity)
Men's: 5 stalls / 3 urinals
Women's: 8stalls
Facilities for disabled people
Parking for disabled people: 1 small
Restroom for disabled people: 1 common
Ostomate restroom

explanation if mark

explanation if mark

Light dining, café, restaurant Light dining, café, restaurant
Service area offering dining for travelers, from convenient food courts to full-fledged restaurants.
Souvenirs, direct-sales shopSouvenirs, direct-sales shop
Service area offering local specialties, regional products, and other casual shopping.
Gas filling station Gas filling station
Please fill earlier than you normally would to avoid running out of fuel on the expressway.
Power supply Power supply
Installed in an effort to encourage the spread of electric vehicles and achieve a low-carbon society.
Lifestyle, home goods, everyday sundries Lifestyle, home goods, everyday sundries
Service area with a convenience store, ATM, internet access, and other facilities.
Rest area, accommodation Rest area, accommodation
Service area with a rest area for relaxation, accommodation, and bathing.
Medical Medical
Service area with employees and equipment for treating emergency injury or illness.
Barrier-free Barrier-free
Facilities that expressway users can use in comfort.
Expressway and ETC service Expressway and ETC service
Service area with smart interchange, expressway information terminals, and other expressway-related facilities.
Children Children
Facilities that enable users with children to make comfortable use of the service area.
Pets Pets
Some service areas have facilities for users with pet dogs.

Refer to the Central Nippon Expressway Company's website for more information on this service / parking area.


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